Long time no Post

Not like anyone noticed. haha.

Life has been busy and the urge to post has been pretty much non-exsistant.  So, you ask, what’s new?

My job, for one.  Started at a new firm about 2 1/2 months ago.  Liking it so far.  Of course there are lots of things I miss about the old place, and things that I find weird or do not want to get used to at the new place, but I’m still in transition mode, so hopefully things will get better.

In terms of my fitness and weight goals . . . . . after the bike ride I did (the Trek for Life and Breath) in September, I got really lazy.  So in October I started going to drop-in indoor soccer at the local rec centre.  LOVED IT.  So I signed up for, and paid for, the next “Session” (8 weeks) of indoor soccer AND indoor floor hockey which started last week.  My friend also sent me a “couch to 5-km run” program that I hope to start soon.  Might have to be creative with that with the onset of winter and the fact that it’s dark before I get home now and my fear of hitting a patch of black ice when I start running and totally wipe out (like the clutz I am).  Sigh.  Stupid winter. 


About coletters

How much do you really need (or want) to know? I'm a gal whose still trying to get over the fact that's she's now well into her 30's (yikes!). I'm an avid musician, singer, knitter, gamer (both video and board), crafter, reader, amateur photographer. I'm not a mother (yet) but get asked that alot from people who see me knitting blankets and things for all my friends. I enjoy nature, and camping, but I like computers and the lovely invention that is the interweb. I would love to have my own craft-selling website/business, but right now there just aren't enough hours in the day!
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