My Own Boss

I want to be my own boss and want to run a home-based business.

I can knit, I can cross-stitch. I am generally a pretty crafty person. The problem? Well, there are several, really. I don’t knit big projects like blankets fast enough to make it a reliable item to sell for income. I’m also not an “idea” person. I’m really good at re-creating other people’s patterns, but I can’t make up my own. That goes for cross-stitch as well. I was thinking over the weekend, I can give myself a year and see how many small-ish, easy to create projects I can come up with, and complete, by the fall of next year, and take it all to a craft fair type show thing. Other ideas, making cards from pictures I take.

I don’t know. But the more I work for “the man” and the more I think about kids and my life after I have them, trying to work from home appeals to me greatly. Probably because it was how I was raised – by a grandma who worked from home and had more time to spend with me.

Should I really try to do this? Or am I just not happy with where I am right now, work wise, and this seems like an easy out?

Things for me to ponder.


About coletters

How much do you really need (or want) to know? I'm a gal whose still trying to get over the fact that's she's now well into her 30's (yikes!). I'm an avid musician, singer, knitter, gamer (both video and board), crafter, reader, amateur photographer. I'm not a mother (yet) but get asked that alot from people who see me knitting blankets and things for all my friends. I enjoy nature, and camping, but I like computers and the lovely invention that is the interweb. I would love to have my own craft-selling website/business, but right now there just aren't enough hours in the day!
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