Double Pointed Needles (or things that knitters invented to torture other knitters)


One of my current projects - a (hopefully) cute baby hat!

There are many, many, many patterns for cute little baby hats out there on the interweb.  Unfortunately, the majority of them call for (switch to scary movie voice) double pointed needles!

My first thought when I first tried using these . . . . . things . . . was “great, let’s invent something with no ends so that my work has TWICE as many chances of falling off and f***ing everything up!”. 

The hardest bit about double pointed needles (dpn) pattern, for me at least, is joining and starting the first round.  (and making sure I “don’t twist” when joining – something that is heavily cautions in every pattern)  When I first attempted making a had on dpn, I remember I had to eventually YouTube how to “join” properly.  When I tried this pattern last night, I did the same thing – I searched YouTube to try and kick my memory into remembering how to do this.  I encountered a problem – all the videos had the people casting on using their hands and not a 2nd needle!  Why is this a problem?  (you non-knitters might not understand this part) the tail end of the yarn ends up in the same place as the yarn from the ball – and joining seems like a piece of cake.  I couldn’t seem to find a video that had the person using two needles to cast on, ending up with a tail on one end, and the main source of yarn on the other.

Was I frustrated? HELL YES! 

Did I panic and say “OMG! I won’t be able to finishg this hat in time for the baby shower!” NO! 

And for me, that’s a big step.  As my hubby will contest to, I have, time and again, gotten frustrated with a pattern when it wasn’t working out quite like how I expected it too, trown my piece aside with a “harumphant” sign of disgust, sitting on the couch with my arms crossed and, yes, pouting.

Childish, I know.  But my dpn project attempt yesterday has made me believe that I am (finally) growing as a knitter (even with the cramped hands I seem to get whenever using dpn).

OK, so maybe dpn were not invented to torture knitters (not totally anyway).  I have to admit, once you get the flow going with a dpn project, it does become fun and quite enjoyable!  For knitters who have never attempted a dpn pattern, I dare you to do so!  I can’t promise you that you won’t get frustrated, or confused, but keep at it!  It DOES get better (eventually!) and if you can master the skill, think of all the wonderful new projects you can make for others to enjoy!


About coletters

How much do you really need (or want) to know? I'm a gal whose still trying to get over the fact that's she's now well into her 30's (yikes!). I'm an avid musician, singer, knitter, gamer (both video and board), crafter, reader, amateur photographer. I'm not a mother (yet) but get asked that alot from people who see me knitting blankets and things for all my friends. I enjoy nature, and camping, but I like computers and the lovely invention that is the interweb. I would love to have my own craft-selling website/business, but right now there just aren't enough hours in the day!
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2 Responses to Double Pointed Needles (or things that knitters invented to torture other knitters)

  1. darciad says:

    Although I can knit with dpns, I prefer to use two circular needles. WAY easier, IMO : )

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