The Healing Process

Over the last few years I have really been struggling with the death of my grandma. My mother passed away when I was only 2 months old – and my mother was 16. So my grandma was pretty much the only mother I had ever known. I had always thou about getting a tattoo but never knew what I wanted to have permanently etched on my body (it is a pretty big decision).

In the years since my granny passed I thought more and more about the tattoo and decided that two roses (my mother and I have the same middle name – Rose) and a piano keyboard (because my granny was an awesome pianist!) would be perfect. The picture is the final result, thanks to Kirk Sheppard at Rain City Tattoo. The big Rose is me, the little Rose is my mom because she never had a chance to bloom, and the keyboard is my other “mum”, my granny.

I am so happy with it. And as the tattoo heals, I can feel my heart healing as well. My heart will never heal completely, but I don’t think it’s supposed to. And now, that’s ok with me.



About coletters

How much do you really need (or want) to know? I'm a gal whose still trying to get over the fact that's she's now well into her 30's (yikes!). I'm an avid musician, singer, knitter, gamer (both video and board), crafter, reader, amateur photographer. I'm not a mother (yet) but get asked that alot from people who see me knitting blankets and things for all my friends. I enjoy nature, and camping, but I like computers and the lovely invention that is the interweb. I would love to have my own craft-selling website/business, but right now there just aren't enough hours in the day!
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