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How much do you really need (or want) to know? I'm a gal whose still trying to get over the fact that's she's now well into her 30's (yikes!). I'm an avid musician, singer, knitter, gamer (both video and board), crafter, reader, amateur photographer. I'm not a mother (yet) but get asked that alot from people who see me knitting blankets and things for all my friends. I enjoy nature, and camping, but I like computers and the lovely invention that is the interweb. I would love to have my own craft-selling website/business, but right now there just aren't enough hours in the day!

Miscarriage – a women’s dirty little secret

I am not posting this post to draw sympathy to my situation – nor do I wish to make others feel like they HAVE to share their experience.  I’m just putting it out there – this is what I’ve been … Continue reading

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I need to read . . . faster?

A few years ago I discovered It’s a site where you list all the books you’ve read, or want to read. And if your friends are signed up, you can see what they have read, and want to read … Continue reading

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642 Things to Write About

Ok, so I saw a book in Chapters ages ago: 642 Things to Write About I picked it up, looked at it, put it down; picked it up, flipped through the pages, thought “this would be cool to do”, then … Continue reading

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Family Day Long Weekend 2013 – what a crazy weekend!!

This weekend marked the first long weekend of the year with the addition of the “Family Day” holiday for British Columbia on Monday, February 11. And it started with my husband coming home on Friday with, “I have good news, … Continue reading

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Goals (somewhat) achieved

At the beginning of the year I set a few goals for myself. Sad to say, I have only (really) completed a few of them. So, going through the list . . . . 1) I will learn to run 5K – … Continue reading

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The Healing Process

Over the last few years I have really been struggling with the death of my grandma. My mother passed away when I was only 2 months old – and my mother was 16. So my grandma was pretty much the … Continue reading

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Baby Hat Success?

I like trying new patterns. What I don’t like it when they don’t turn out like the puctures. I tried the English Diamond pattern from Didn’t turn out like the picture, quite like advertised. I think there’s a mistake in … Continue reading

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