Double Pointed Needles (or things that knitters invented to torture other knitters)


One of my current projects - a (hopefully) cute baby hat!

There are many, many, many patterns for cute little baby hats out there on the interweb.  Unfortunately, the majority of them call for (switch to scary movie voice) double pointed needles!

My first thought when I first tried using these . . . . . things . . . was “great, let’s invent something with no ends so that my work has TWICE as many chances of falling off and f***ing everything up!”. 

The hardest bit about double pointed needles (dpn) pattern, for me at least, is joining and starting the first round.  (and making sure I “don’t twist” when joining – something that is heavily cautions in every pattern)  When I first attempted making a had on dpn, I remember I had to eventually YouTube how to “join” properly.  When I tried this pattern last night, I did the same thing – I searched YouTube to try and kick my memory into remembering how to do this.  I encountered a problem – all the videos had the people casting on using their hands and not a 2nd needle!  Why is this a problem?  (you non-knitters might not understand this part) the tail end of the yarn ends up in the same place as the yarn from the ball – and joining seems like a piece of cake.  I couldn’t seem to find a video that had the person using two needles to cast on, ending up with a tail on one end, and the main source of yarn on the other.

Was I frustrated? HELL YES! 

Did I panic and say “OMG! I won’t be able to finishg this hat in time for the baby shower!” NO! 

And for me, that’s a big step.  As my hubby will contest to, I have, time and again, gotten frustrated with a pattern when it wasn’t working out quite like how I expected it too, trown my piece aside with a “harumphant” sign of disgust, sitting on the couch with my arms crossed and, yes, pouting.

Childish, I know.  But my dpn project attempt yesterday has made me believe that I am (finally) growing as a knitter (even with the cramped hands I seem to get whenever using dpn).

OK, so maybe dpn were not invented to torture knitters (not totally anyway).  I have to admit, once you get the flow going with a dpn project, it does become fun and quite enjoyable!  For knitters who have never attempted a dpn pattern, I dare you to do so!  I can’t promise you that you won’t get frustrated, or confused, but keep at it!  It DOES get better (eventually!) and if you can master the skill, think of all the wonderful new projects you can make for others to enjoy!

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New Year, New Resolutions

I don’t normally make New Year Resolutions because I am very bad at keeping them (refer to my post about a year ago when I vowed to post more . . . )

I think it’s going to be a list that I will add to, and subtract from for the rest of the year, and possibly continue into 2013. So, here goes nothing!:

1) I will learn to run 5K.
2) I will do Aquafit at least twice a week.
3) I will stop looking at the scale and instead concentrate on how feel.
4) I will drink more water.
5) I will scan all my photo albums onto my laptop.
6) I will make enough greeting cards to sell at my work’s annual Christmas Fair Market thingy.
7) I will make enough knitted things to sell at my work’s annual Christmas Fair Market thingy.
8) I will think of a creative name for a business for myself.
9) I will learn more about my camera and how to use it.
10) I will take at least one photography class this year.
11) I will take lots and lots of pictures . . . . .
12) I will knit at least ONE thing for MYSELF!

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A New Year

Ok, so I’m not so big on New Year’s resolutions. But I have made one: Treat myself more often. This may sound selfish, but I’m not going to go out and buy myself everything I want, when I want. It just means treat myself better – take care of myself, and not just in food (although I really should eat less chocolate!! haha) It means taking the time and get my eyebrows done (I’m REALLY lazy when it comes to that) and the odd facial. There is a great little place that opened up a block away from my work. Right now, eyebrow threading is $5! and it’s not a little hole-in-the-wall place. It’s a small store that opened up a 2nd location downtown because their Kitsilano location was getting too busy! And they are so nice. I’m planning on treating myself to a facial for my birthday.

But treating myself also means to pick some things I want this year, and make a real effort to save up for them. So, my wish list is (in no particular order):

1) a decent DSLR camera;
2) a new MP3 player (and NOT an iPod); and
3) something Coach – be it a purse or a wallet.

I want a decent DSLR camera as I want to be more creative, and start making “greeting” cards, but I’ve never been good with the stamping stuff, but I’ve always taken pretty good pictures. If I can make some simple cards, with pictures, I would be happy.

I want a new MP3 player as my Creative Zen player AnI got 3 years ago is dying. The headphone jack is crapping out and I no longer get FM radio. An headphones don’t work properly anymore. It’s not fixable. Sigh.

I want a Coach bag/wallet – well, just cause. I’ve never been a “brand” person, but I would like to own one real Coach item in my life. They’re just fun! (guess that’s the “girly girl” in me showing up!!)

Happy New Year to you all!

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My Own Boss

I want to be my own boss and want to run a home-based business.

I can knit, I can cross-stitch. I am generally a pretty crafty person. The problem? Well, there are several, really. I don’t knit big projects like blankets fast enough to make it a reliable item to sell for income. I’m also not an “idea” person. I’m really good at re-creating other people’s patterns, but I can’t make up my own. That goes for cross-stitch as well. I was thinking over the weekend, I can give myself a year and see how many small-ish, easy to create projects I can come up with, and complete, by the fall of next year, and take it all to a craft fair type show thing. Other ideas, making cards from pictures I take.

I don’t know. But the more I work for “the man” and the more I think about kids and my life after I have them, trying to work from home appeals to me greatly. Probably because it was how I was raised – by a grandma who worked from home and had more time to spend with me.

Should I really try to do this? Or am I just not happy with where I am right now, work wise, and this seems like an easy out?

Things for me to ponder.

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Long time no Post

Not like anyone noticed. haha.

Life has been busy and the urge to post has been pretty much non-exsistant.  So, you ask, what’s new?

My job, for one.  Started at a new firm about 2 1/2 months ago.  Liking it so far.  Of course there are lots of things I miss about the old place, and things that I find weird or do not want to get used to at the new place, but I’m still in transition mode, so hopefully things will get better.

In terms of my fitness and weight goals . . . . . after the bike ride I did (the Trek for Life and Breath) in September, I got really lazy.  So in October I started going to drop-in indoor soccer at the local rec centre.  LOVED IT.  So I signed up for, and paid for, the next “Session” (8 weeks) of indoor soccer AND indoor floor hockey which started last week.  My friend also sent me a “couch to 5-km run” program that I hope to start soon.  Might have to be creative with that with the onset of winter and the fact that it’s dark before I get home now and my fear of hitting a patch of black ice when I start running and totally wipe out (like the clutz I am).  Sigh.  Stupid winter. 

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You know you’re going to be missed when . . . .

one of your co-workers puts this up at your desk:

I should explain.  At my desk, I have one of those “Today I’m Feeling” mood gauges, based on the “Little Miss” characters.  Like today I’m Little Miss Trouble, or Little Miss Shy.  A few days after I announced I was quitting my job and going to a  different firm, one of the lawyers started calling me “The Traitor”, in a good way.  A few days later, I came to work and found the above at my desk.  Quite funny really.   

I am always, sarcastically, thanking the lawyer who started my new nickname, but, like he said, “you should be flattered.  You know you’re appreciated when you’re made fun of.  If we didn’t, it would mean we couldn’t wait to see the back of you!”

I guess he’s right.  And because of all the teasing, I will miss everyone more!  Sigh.  5 1/2 more days.

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On Friday, I did one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in a long time.  I gave notice and quit my job.

Why was it so hard?  Many reasons.  When you’ve been with a company for just over 5 years, you get used to the people, the “processes” – you start to feel safe.  And even though on one hand, you enjoy the people you work with, the people you see day to day, is this enough reason to stay if on the other hand, you don’t like the work that your doing (and not getting paid enough for that work)? I’ve come to the conclusion that no, liking your coworkers (and your bosses for that matter) is not reason enough.

My new job will not only be in an area I love to work in, it will be more money.  I will truly, truly miss everyone I have gotten to know at work over the last 5 years, and saying goodbye on that last Friday will be sad and hard.  Tears will be shed.

But a new chapter in my life will be written.

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